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This Week

DI | 19:00-00:00 | PCCC* OPEN MICCC | Club
hosted by Denice Bourbon

DO | 20:00-02:00 | JENNY wird 10 | Club
Lesungen, Performances und Musik

FR | 21:00-06:00 | C9(2) Cherry Coloured Funk | Club
Umbra |Belgrad  live 
Iv/an |Zagreb  live 
Hyeji Nam  live 
Jung an Tagen  dj 
Yuzu  dj 
Dj Terror  dj 
Dj Pausenclown |celeste  dj 

SA | 22:00-06:00 | HOLD ON | Club
DD Kern  dj 
dj odd  dj 
Masha Dabelka  dj 


14-11 | 20:00-00:00 | Monday Improvisers Session | Club
Karolina Preuschl |electronics
Freya Edmondes |voice
Lukas Koenig |drums
Peter Kutin |electronics
Didi Kern |Session hosted by


free music forum w/ ISM
3-11 | 19:30-00:00| Club
With the truly beautiful music of the trio ISM and with DJ Heido we celebrate the first year of the free music forum concert series 2022!

[ISM] is a name written in ink. A dash through European creative music. A round trip, Berlin – Oxford, via Paris. اسم [ISM] is Pat, Joel and Antonin in a dotted silence without name. Acoustically, the trio creates abstract forms close of written contemporary music with sounds reminding us of ancient traditional jazz trios. The groove wich appears in this music is dense, extreme but always quiet. Music in a continuous flow of high voltage charges. In Arabic, اسم [ISM] is a way to connect between different cultural and imaginary worlds. اسم [ISM] is an Arabic word, which means The Name.
The concert is curated by Antonio Borghini & Joel Grip, Au Topsi Pohl Berlin.
Pat Thomas |piano
Joel Grip |double bass
Antonin Gerbal |drums
Toast Hawaii #2
4-11 | 22:00-06:00| Club
SRGJ |Aures Soundsystem  dj 
OKKarin |A party called JACK  dj 
Jon Floretti |Disco Nostra  dj 
Moony Me |In The Box, Klamauk  dj 
5-11 | 22:00-06:00| Club
Rita Arsenal  dj 
Booglaloo Steve  dj 
Reeno Reluv  dj 
Sirius & Darktunes  dj 
Hell Mutang Album Release Party
10-11 |Club
Hell Mutang feiert den Release seines Albums "A little nod to the bang" mit großartigen Freund*innen an den Plattentellern. Mit Pia Reiser (FM4, Myrtle Mae), Eva Fischer (sound:frame, CIVA), Angie-Shahira Pohl (sound:frame, CIVA), Alice Jacubasch, Christoph Sepin (FM4), Sebastian Meyer, radnah (Cultural Commentary) und Zanshin (Affine Records)
Zanshin |Affine Records  dj 
Pia Reiser |FM4, Myrtle Mae  dj 
Eva Fischer |sound:frame, CIVA  dj 
Angie-Shahira Pohl |sound:frame, CIVA  dj 
Alice Jacubasch  dj 
Christoph Sepin |FM4
Sebastian Meyer
radnah |Cultural Commentary
Service #32 - Carnevale di Service
11-11 | 22:00-06:00| Club
Bambi |Service  dj 
Franjazzco |Service  dj 
Gianni  dj 
Kurt Steinwald  dj 
Mellolo  dj 
MOSKA  dj 
Wild Combination
13-11 | 22:00-06:00| Club
Mike Burns
Mark Oni  dj 
Dj Mona  dj 
Dj Roy Orbson Cheeseburger  dj 
Dj Buffalo Sweat  dj 
Monday Improvisers Session
14-11 | 20:00-00:00| Club
Karolina Preuschl |electronics
Freya Edmondes |voice
Lukas Koenig |drums
Peter Kutin |electronics
Didi Kern |Session hosted by
c9(1) Holiday on Ice
18-11 | 21:00-06:00| Club
Soft Fokus  live 
Dalia Ahmed  dj 
B.visible  dj 
Tori |Lituation  dj 
Joja  dj 
Queerspehere presents: New Haven
19-11 | 22:00-06:00| Club
Art – Hur  dj 
K. Gwyn  dj 
Surprise Dj
22-11 | 19:00-00:00| Club
Are you funny? YES!!
Did you always dream of trying out stand-up comedy, but never found a stage that felt safe enough?

The comedy club with the kindest and most supportive audience in Vienna is hosting an open mic night again!
Where: Celeste
* Hosted by Denice Bourbon
* Sign up for a spot: * Bring your funniest stories!
Prepare material for 5 mins tops!!
* Deutsch oder English!
* Mind the PCCC* Spirit: Punch up – but don't kick down!
* Women/*, queers and POC have priority in getting a spot!
* Bring your friends for audience!
** recommend a kleine spende when you enter. 2-5 euros. **
hosted by Denice Bourbon
JENNY wird 10
24-11 | 20:00-02:00| Club
Mit den Autor*innen

Sascha Bruch
Nazli Karabıyıkoğlu
Carla Lorenz
Mascha Unterlehberg
Leonie Ziem


Julia Artmayr
Evi Jaegle
Luisa Pisetta
Grayson Ruple
Lucia Schwemer
Marcia Schmidt
Naomi Shintani Deibel
A tiny Mattress


Max Dalscheid x Naša DILÂ
Laura Anton

sowie einem Installationsbot von Talie Bühl
C9(2) Cherry Coloured Funk
25-11 | 21:00-06:00| Club
Umbra |Belgrad  live 
Iv/an |Zagreb  live 
Hyeji Nam  live 
Jung an Tagen  dj 
Yuzu  dj 
Dj Terror  dj 
Dj Pausenclown |celeste  dj 
26-11 | 22:00-06:00| Club
DD Kern  dj 
dj odd  dj 
Masha Dabelka  dj 


Adresse: Hamburgerstraße 18, 1050 Wien
Tel: 01/5865314

Hjalmar Al- Serori
Hamburgerstraße 18, 1050 Wien
UID: ATU74626728